At The Kitchen Place, we believe that the kitchen is the hub of the home. People seem to naturally gravitate there. With so many couples working, a great deal of our time spent at home seems to be spent in the kitchen. An attractive, functional kitchen will make the time spent there more enjoyable.

One of the most important things is the design. It doesn’t matter how large your space is – if it’s poorly organized and badly laid out, it will be awkward to work in. At The Kitchen Place, we specialize in design. We analyze all aspects of your lifestyle and apply them to your kitchen. How many cooks share the meal preparation? What type of meals do you prepare – intricate gourmet dishes or fast and easy microwave entrees? How many people eat in the kitchen at one time? These and other questions are used as the basis for designing your dream kitchen.

Planning a renovation can seem overwhelming. The professionals at The Kitchen Place are there to help you. They will manage as much of the project as you want or as little as you need. The Kitchen Place will bring together a talented designer with skilled and licensed trades to ensure all goes exactly according to plan.

The perfect kitchen or bath design has many facets. There are a wide range of storage and space-saving accessories to make your kitchen more functional. At The Kitchen Place, your designer will bring together a collection of door styles, finishes, countertops and flooring, with the best layout for you in a manner that brings balance and style to your home.

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